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Multiplication and division vocabulary

A glossary of key mathematical vocabulary with definitions and examples to support planning of multiplication and division.

http://www.directoryofchoice.co.uk/ Last update: 2011

Written methods for division of whole numbers

Table with illustrations showing various techniques for the application of written methods for division of whole numbers.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Vocabulary and images

Key mathematical vocabulary and images to support children's learning when using an appropriate non-calculator method for dividing a three-digit integer by a two-digit integer.

http://www.directoryofchoice.co.uk/ Last update: 2011

Factors and primes

Lesson ideas for developing pupils' understanding of factors and primes, including recognising factors and primes to 20 and recalling multiplication and division facts. This lesson is part of the Targeting level 4 in Year 7 materials, which provide a yearly teaching programme to help Year 7 mathematics pupils attain level 4 as quickly as possible.

http://www.directoryofchoice.co.uk/ Last update: 2011

Step 4

Teaching ideas and example questions to help pupils factorise numbers to 100 into prime numbers, recognise multiples, factors and primes, and apply tests of divisibility. This is part of the integers, powers and roots section of the number progression map for intervention in secondary mathematics.

http://www.directoryofchoice.co.uk/ Last update: 2011