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What is the 'simple view of reading'?

The 'simple view of reading' proposes that skilled reading entails development of a set of processes by which the words on the page are recognised and understood (i.e. word recognition processes), and development of increasingly sophisticated language comprehension processes, by which texts as well as spoken language are understood and interpreted. Includes a diagrammatic representation of the concept.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

The new conceptual framework for teaching reading: the 'simple view of reading'

Overview of how the "simple view of reading" works.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Becta Local authorities

Becta Local authorities . Research About Local authorities Becta provides advice and guidance to local authorities to support and encourage schools to improve learning with ICT. We do this by providing information and tools for whole school improvement and best value procurement. Government strategy Funding Self-review framework Procurement E-safety Personalising learning Extending opportunities Get involved Publications Recent publications Download or order Becta publications. Harnessing Technology for Next Generation Learning: Children, schools and families implementation plan 02 March…

Becta Last update: 2011

Ensuring development

Detailed outline of the reading scheme and purpose; describing how initially the focus is on helping children to master the alphabetic code, apply their phonic knowledge and skills as they decode words and develop a store of familiar words - developing "automaticity" in their word reading. The focus of teaching for later reading development will emphasise comprehension and response, as children develop as critical and fluent readers, moving from learning to read, to reading to learn, engaging and interacting with…

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Becta Schools

Becta Schools Most of our online resources are now available under the Open Government Licence for anyone to re-use. Find out more. Research About Schools Becta's Schools website offers advice and guidance to school leadership teams on how technology can be built into teaching, learning and management. Leadership and management Curriculum Learning and teaching Professional development Extending opportunities Resources E-safety Self-review framework Get involved Publications Recent publications Download or order Becta publications. Learning platforms: Steps to adoption 11 March…

Becta Last update: 2011