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Assessment for Learning (AfL): Objective-led and outcome-led learning

Information about objective- and outcome-led learning, which leads onto three more chapters: success criteria; sharing objectives and success criteria; and sharing the big picture.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Success criteria

Information about how children's progress is accelerated when they are clear about the success criteria for the intended outcomes.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Sharing the big picture

Describes how children need to know why they are learning, knowing their individual learning targets and seeing the key focuses for the half-term. Overview can be helped by concept mapping, posters and visuals of the topics in the unit, and establishing pre-learning and learning links.

The National Strategies Last update: 2011

Becta Local authorities

Becta Local authorities . Research About Local authorities Becta provides advice and guidance to local authorities to support and encourage schools to improve learning with ICT. We do this by providing information and tools for whole school improvement and best value procurement. Government strategy Funding Self-review framework Procurement E-safety Personalising learning Extending opportunities Get involved Publications Recent publications Download or order Becta publications. Harnessing Technology for Next Generation Learning: Children, schools and families implementation plan 02 March…

Becta Last update: 2011


The intention was to develop the learning culture. Approaches included increasing self and peer assessment during lessons and giving more explicit and consistent feedback. This is part of a user-generated case study: Developing a learning community through Assessment for Learning (AfL).

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