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The team investigate how becoming a cab driver makes you brainier

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jun 20 12:26:05 BST 2006

Pythagoras' Theorem

How Pythagoras' Theorem can be applied to everyday life

Teachers TV Created: Tue Jun 20 12:39:26 BST 2006

Teacher's notes

  • shows a square enlarged with one of its vertices as the centre of enlargement
  • enlarges a trapezium using a centre of enlargement that is external to the shape
  • in discussion explains ‘the coordinates are doubled when you enlarge by a scale factor of two and (0, 0) is the centre for the enlargement, but that doesn't work if the centre is somewhere else on the grid‧

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Next steps

  • enlarge shapes drawn in other quadrants, using (0, 0) as the centre of enlargement, and look at the effect on coordinates of vertices
  • enlarge shapes using different centres of enlargement and scale factors

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Step 7

Teaching ideas and example questions to help pupils construct lines and angles, understand the sum of angles in a triangle, classify quadrilaterals and enlarge 2-D shapes to a given scale. This is part of the geometry section of the geometry and measures progression map for intervention in secondary mathematics.

http://www.directoryofchoice.co.uk/ Last update: 2011