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Giant Display Feelings Thermometer

Preview: Giant Display Feelings Thermometer
Based on our A4 feelings thermometer, this is a handy giant version! A visual way for children to communicate their feelings. Your children can use either the numbers or the colours to communicate their emotion.

Twinkl Last update: 2011

The Gingerbread Man Display Banner (Catch Me)

Preview: The Gingerbread Man Display Banner (Catch Me)
A colourful display banner, perfect for your display on this traditional tale.

Twinkl Last update: 2011

Emotion - Communication Display Posters

Preview: Emotion - Communication Display Posters
A set ofcolouful posters, perfect for display purposes to help children to express how they are feeling. Particularly useful for children with SEN and those who stuggle to express their needs.

Twinkl Last update: 2011

How Are You Feeling Display Banner

Preview: How Are You Feeling Display Banner
A colourful display banner for your feelings display.Why not use this resource in conjunction with our other feelings display resources to create an interactive display for children to express their feelings.

Twinkl Last update: 2011

10 Fat Sausages Visual Aids

Preview: 10 Fat Sausages Visual Aids
A set of colourful visual aids to assist in the teaching of simple subtraction through the 10 fat sausages number rhyme. Fantastic as either a wall display or flashcards for carpet time discussion.

Twinkl Last update: 2011